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Intelligent Clean And Beauty Core Technology
Intelligent Clean and Beauty Technology subverts the traditional toileting way, flexibly move the washing parts, thermostatic seat can provide you spring warmth even in cold winter. Bubbles water and gentle massage bring you a relaxed clean experience. After the water droplets cleaning, it maintain lower body parts clean and moist to protect your health. Soft luminous lighting at night bring convenience and warmth to you.
Wet cleaning
Intelligent Move
Position Adjustable
Soft Protection
Happy Mood
Water and Electricity Saving
Cleaning Method
Bottom cleaning
Female private parts cleaning
Body Care
Soft massage
Intelligent Clean And Beauty Core Technology
Insulation Seat

All Over Clean

Night Lighting

Strong Siphon Drainage

Removable Cover

Deodorization Function

Self-Cleaning Nano

Warm Drying

Intelligent Remote Control

Damping Soft-Down

Intelligent clean technology adapt high-tech nano-glaze techniques. Ultraviolet contained in sunlight or light can excite a catalyst glazed titanium dioxide that kill bacteria and prevent bacteria growth while decomposes organic matter and odor. Titanium dioxide thin film owns hydrophilic characteristic so as to form a water film. The dirt on the surface is hard to firmly adhere and easy to clean and get degradation, then it can achieve the self-cleaning effect. Titanium dioxide aluminum thin film is stable and will not be crusted by strong acids, alkalis, organic solvents and detergents while it is free from cracking or delimitation in the dry and hot conditions with a service life of more than a decade.
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