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Massage Bathtub Technology
More protection for more comfortable shower
Massage bathtub has overtime protection, leakage protection, thermal protection, lack of water protection, water level detective protection and many other intelligent set by adopting fully enclosed motor that anti-leak or drip while moisture resistant. It has passed national mandatory 3C, CE, UL , CSA and other international certifications. The performance is safe and stable which fully guarantee the safety, comfort and convenience during your usage.
Comfort cushion for more comfortable shower
Massage bathtub is designed according to the ergonomic principles by setting backing together with high quality PU and removable massage cushion for beautiful dream which can effectively support the cervical spine, so you can enjoy massage all over the body of which soak is more comfortable.
Music function for hearing enjoyment
Massage bathtub is equipped with Bluetooth, radio, external CD connection function. You can enjoy the pleasure brought to you through music during shower. No matter touch or hearing has been greatly satisfied and pressure is relieved.
Environmental durable solid sheet
3-4mm high density acrylic sheet with good quality, laying fiber thickness 5-7mm, high strength, enough toughness, the using life and environmental performance is much more better than ordinary sheet. The surface is smooth and gloss with anti-yellowing and anti-aging functions; thickness of the sheet has reached 8-12mm after reinforcement with glass fiber and resin which has solid, reliable and durable features.
High-level durable hardware
Massage bathtub has equipped with first-class faucets, showers and drainage system. The hardware quality is durable that shall reduce troubles brought by frequent maintenance.
Intelligent control Convenient and Comfortable
Massage bathtub has equipped with a intelligent and stylish waterproof TS touch-screen control panel which can adjust the temperature, time, sound, massage frequency parameters, FM channel select, LED color lights, bubble system and so on, thus make your shower more intelligent and convenient.
Super load bearing shelf
Super 304 stainless steel load bearing shelf is anti-moisture and anti-rust. The maximum load can be 450 kg without solid structure deformation by transforming the weight of cylinder, body and water to the ground through the shelf to ensure the safety, solid and reliability.
Super triple anti-sewage deodorant function
Sewage emission is through nozzle pipe whose height between the nozzles is higher than the nozzle outlet so that there shall be no water stay in the pipe. The second emission is through the return pipe of the water pump. The lowest point of return pipe is connected to the water drainage so the water can flow into the sewer outfall. For the last one, the deodorant brass core luxury drainage owns automatic discharge function that can eliminate stagnant water inside the pipe to prevent water pollution for the next use.
Feliu Boet massage bathtub has applied intelligent technology and digital computer control design system which can effectively regulate the temperature, time, massage frequency and other parameters Press with innovation of the bottom hydro massage system that perfectly combine hydro massage and air massage together. After long-term use, it can reach health and beauty effect through blood circulation stimulation and body relaxing.
Underwater Color Lights Relieve Stress
Massage bathtub has equipped with colorful automatic LED underwater lights while the color can be adjusted according to mood so as to relieve stress by regulating mood and creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere.
Adjustable nozzle angle and strength
A. SPA adjustable nozzle, easy for hand swing, adjust the surfing angle, covering a wider range of body points, when the water flow through the carefully designed nozzle, it shall provide you personalized surfing experience, so that every inch of your skin and every cell shall soak comfortably in the water.
B. Free rotate of the outer ring and the center ball of the nozzle to adjust the water flow rate, the proportion of water and air and the flow direction, so as to make major muscle of the body to get strong hydro-massage.
Bubble Aerobic Massage Dream Multifunctional Water Outlet
Bottom bubble massage nozzles increase oxygen content in water, millions of tiny champagne-like tiny bubbles gently cover your body which perfectly combine water massage and air massage together within lift power and rupture brought by bubbles. The body is completely immersed in the quiet and gentle massage environment. The skin is activated and the skin's elasticity is increased so as to achieve refreshing effects and SPA enjoy experience.
Back massage nozzles
Curve and body acupuncture points design based on human ergonomic, unique designed back massage nozzles allowing you to get all-round back water massage which is more comfortable and healthy.
Low-noise pump Silence Enjoyment
Massage bathtub has used first-class international quality low-noise massage pump. The noise is lower during usage so you can enjoy the warm bath time.
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