Creative Design

Innovative Clostone, by breaking through traditional ceramic products technology, owns higher strength and more durable use life.

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Be Flexible Health Excellent Quality
Strong fabricability: High-quality innovative CLOSTONE raw materials break through the molding barriers and are manufactured through modern precision techniques, which can shape the outlook and texture of the product in a variety of ways. Health and environmental protection: With the responsibility to protect the natural environment, the development and design of CLOSTONE products has greatly reduced dependence on natural marble while is healthier without radiation. Superior quality: excellent antibacterial properties, diverse styles and consistent quality ensuring that the CLOSTONE products can be used in a variety of living spaces.
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Strong Long Life Repairability
Strong impact resistance: Nanometer clostone material owns high density, high toughness, stable structureand strong resistance to externalimpact. Long service life: excellent raw material durability characteristics, after years of use, the quality is still steady which bringing convenience for cleaning. Clostone is extremely repairable, and can be repaired as new for bumps and even fractures caused by handling, installation during daily life.

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